Maintenance and Out-of-Warranty Service

Yearly Maintenance is just as important as a regular oil change on your car, if your furnace or air conditioner goes without a regular cleaning it will make your furnace run inefficiently and would cause bigger problems in the future that would have otherwise been avoided. Annual inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your heating and cooling systems keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Yearly maintenance is also required to keep warranties valid on furnaces and A/C’s. While previously we performed equipment maintenance and repairs, we no longer provide this service. We recommend G.W.B. Heating and Cooling for your maintenance and repair needs. G.W.B. is a St. Thomas based company that has experience with the products we install. To book with G.W.B. click their logo below.

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Services Under Warranty

Before you call ...

here are some things you should check on your heating or cooling system.

Make sure all power supplies are turned on

Check the furnace filter

Make sure snow has not covered the furnace exhaust vent

Check the batteries for the thermostat

Note when issues started and when equipment failed

When last maintenance was performed

Note the equipment's make and model if possible